The Ultimate List of 27 FREE Twitter Tools – Grow Your Following Today


Twitter can be a difficult beast to tame.

Sure, it’s easy to sign up, grab a few followers, and start sharing.  You might even be able to drive a little bit of traffic to your website.

Twitter is a fascinating and sometimes, completely illogical place. When everyone is yelling at the same volume – who do you listen to?

To get a leg up on the competition, I would recommend using one of the many free Twitter tools that are available today to power-boost your account and help you to catch the attention of the masses.

At CopyThrive, we come across a wide range of social media tools in our content marketing efforts. Many of these tools we use to promote our own blog posts and posts for clients;


Twitter Scheduling Tools


Want to schedule when, and what goes out to your following ahead of time? These tools can help you to ensure that you are consistently reaching out to your audience and sharing awesome information that they want to see.


Everyone knows Buffer. It is the go-to tool for a handful of the most popular social networks. it’s simple, makes content sharing suggestions,and is generally very user-friendly


Hootsuite is the defacto advanced Twitter scheduling platform. It offers a lot more than just scheduling, and the advanced features might be a little bit more than some of us are willing to bite off.

Sprout Social

Like Hootsuite, Sprout Social is a little more advanced than just scheduling, but it’s scheduling features are actually extremely awesome. I recommend Sprout to larger companies that are interested in motioning their presence across multiple platforms.


Tweet4Me is similar to Buffer – but only focuses on Twitter. If that is the platform that you will be focusing on, Tweet4Me might be the simplest, most straightforward solution available.


Twitter Analytics Tools


Stats for Twitter

See a simple, effective, visual breakdown of your account or the accounts of your followers.

My Top Tweet

My Top Tweet lets you check out the top 10 tweets from any Twitter account, based on reach and retweets.


SocialBro is an all-in-one analytics platform for Twitter. It allows you to monitor, search, segment, target, and deliver content to your most targeted followers.


Riffle is a cool little analytics app that allows you to visualize Twitter statistics and reports from your account. Very cool for the visually oriented.

Daily 140

Daily 140 helps identify who your most recent followers have also followed recently. Can be an excellent tool for those that aggressively doing social media outreach.


Twitonomy allows you to inspect any Twitter account (not just your own) in-depth. Excellent for power users that want the full picture.


Understand who your most influential followers are and use that to your advantage.


Klout uses social analytics to assign your account an “influencer score” between 0-100. It’s an excellent platform for monitoring your own efficiency or checking out the influencer scores of other accounts.


Get a complete picture of your account, the people that you follow, and your own outreach efforts.

Social Bearing

A powerful search engine tool for Twitter  that allows you to keywords, locations, usernames, interests, or followers.


Twitter Chat Tools


Do you want to run Twitter chats to increase your influence and standing? It’s a valuable tool that can help you to gain the attention of tons of new followers while establishing you (and your brand) as an expert within your industry.  Here are some of the best Twitter chat tools that I have come across;


Want to liveblog an event like a conference, event, or sport? Beatstrap makes it easy for entire teams to liveblog on the appropriate accounts.


Want a homepage for your hashtag chat? Twubs makes it easy to limit your view and focus only on those that are participating int he conversation.


TweetChat allows you to login, input the hashtags that you would like to follow, and then read only Tweets that use that Hashtag.


Nurph channels are specifically for organizing your chat. It’s simple, and extremely user-friendly. Although it will mostly appeal to large-scale chats, just about anyone could find some use in it.

Chat Salad

Want to see what Twitter Chats will be coming up? Chat Salad lets you check out the upcomign Twitter chat schedule.


Twitter Follower Management Tools


Want to increase your following and better manage your followers? There are a ton of awesome free follower management tools out there today;


ManageFlitter allows you to follow and unfollow users in bulk.



Tweepi is the perfect tool for cleaning up inactive follows, flushing out those that don’t follow you back – and following those that follow you! Makes managing your followers simple.

Awesome follower management dashboard that lets you see lots of stats and analytics about those that follow you!



Twitter Content/Account Discovery Tools


Want to find new and interesting content and accounts on Twitter? These content discovery tools can be an awesome addition to your daily processes.


Essentially Nuzzel takes your friends and followers, and creates their own “trending topics” among your friend group. Very useful for those that want to see what is trending within their own industry.


Buzz Sumo is the best platform for finding out what content, and what influencers are dong well on Twitter (and other social media.) This is a tool that I use almost daily.


Search by keyword or location and find awesome photos on Twitter.


Topsy is a search engine for all things social, allowing you to see to the newest and most relevant Tweets based on the keywords or hashtags that oyu enter.


Check out the best stories on Twitter



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