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                Guangzhou Cooley was Bitzer "2011 Service Quality Award"


                  Refrigeration Letters - Recently, Bitzer Refrigeration Technology (China) Co., Ltd. The annual dealer meeting outstanding success, service capabilities Guangzhou Cooley Refrigeration Equipment Co. get business users praise fore get Bitzer awarded the 2011 annual "service Quality Award."

                  It is understood that Bitzer compressor Group as a world-class manufacturer, specializing in the design and manufacture of compressors, condensing units and pressure vessels more than 60 years, with its high-quality products and services, known in the world. Bitzer Group entered China since 1994, so far in Beijing has built three factories, with branch offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Its excellent products and services, three plants business has been developing rapidly, including sales of piston compressors increased five-fold the past three years, the car in China with a market share of 85% air-conditioning compressor.

                  Guangzhou Cooley Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in refrigeration equipment trade, manufacturing, engineering design and installation of cold storage in one of the professional company, Germany Bitzer (BITZER) semi-hermetic compressors awarding agents and authorized service center, is the ratio of Chak Seoul, South China area most closely partners. Library music company with a certain production equipment and testing equipment maintenance, inspection and repair of refrigeration compressors provide business, production library music COOLEST wind (water) cold refrigeration compressors, parallel units, low noise units, cold (hot) water unit and high quality efficient air-cooled two devices, such as their own products. Undertake all types of cold storage, cold storage, frozen library, air-conditioning and other projects.

                  As a global freelance service providers, not only in the music library on the road of brand development has taken a solid pace, has won the favor of Bitzer, relying on strong technical force and good service, library music in 2010, becoming the "excellent Supplier" one Bitzer, in 2011, Cooley has won the "Bitzer year service award." Award for two consecutive years is sufficient to show that Cooley product quality and customer service has been recognized, but also Bitzer (China) highly positive annual music library services.

                  Tan Li Yue, general manager of the library, said Bitzer compressor gradually become frozen storage equipment, cold storage projects selected main models, market share continues to rise, the face of growing market demand, Bitzer will increasingly emphasis on strengthening services, library music to create a special maintenance center as Bitzer in one of the earliest batch of service centers in China, in the pre-sale and after-sale services in three areas have gained unanimous recognition.

                  Cooley cooperation with Bitzer nearly a decade, has established long-term friendly and mutual trust any link, but also cultivate a tacit understanding with each other, good products and good service is the common goal of both, Tan always thought that the library Bitzer's development is inseparable from the music very competitive product, Cooley also will continue to adhere to provide quality services, strengthen Bitzer influence in China.

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