7 Tools for Social Media Image Creation

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There are an unending number of social media tools that can be used to increase engagement. The goal is always to increase replies, retweets, reshares and favorites for anything that you share. Like any other platform, image creation can have a huge effect on all of these metrics and give every update a more professional look than they would otherwise have.

If you are interested in improving your social media campaigns with images, consider using the following tools to produce high quality, professional images for your updates and Tweets;


CloudApp is an excellent screencast GIF tool. It allows you to store your images in an easily accessible cloud and then those files are available for fast sharing. The Mac app they make available is free for download. With the app open, you can use hotkeys to record a GIF of your screen at any given time. This can be great for sharing tutorials and other guides. Including a GIF of a process within the tutorial can give readers an idea of the level of quality that you provide.


Easel.ly is the most simple tool for creating high quality infographics. It allows you to create and embed charts, photos and other utilities during the creation of infographics. They make a number of prebuilt templates available, which are excellent but you might find that they are a bit overused at times, as the service has become quite popular. They also make a number of premium utilities available, which can help your graphics to stand out a bit more. If you have ever wanted to create infographics but have had issues with the design process, Easel.ly can make the entire process much easier.

Death to the Stock Photo

Finding high quality stock photos can be a bit difficult. On one hand, you don’t want to have to pay top dollar for an image that isn’t going to return anything, but you also want to look as professional as possible. Death to the Stock Photo will send you high quality stock photos to your inbox each and every month. The images are of the utmost quality, and they are shot by professional photographers. Additionally, they have a premium option that allows you to have backwards compatible access to their library, so you have your own stock photo subscription at a low monthly fee.

Social Image Resizer

The Internet Marketing Ninjas are one of the most popular service providers in the SEO and social media marketing industries. Their social image resizer does exactly what it says – it resizes images, allowing you to easily share them across multiple platforms. It can be used with any social media platform, and retains the quality of the images after resizing them.

WP Smush.It

As far as WordPress plugins go – WP Smush.It is the best available option for reducing the size of images while retaining quality. This plugin is also often used for reducing the size of images on your website as well. It is the best, least resource-hogging image compression plugin currently available for WordPress. These images can then be easily shared on multiple different social media properties.


Although they can get old very quickly, everyone loves quote pics. A cool background with an inspiring or interesting quote can make your social update much more likely to be shared, particularly when you have a target audience that shares those images more often. Recite allows you to quickly and easily create quote images without having to open up photoshop. Want to share a quote from a recent interview? Want to highlight a portion of your latest blog post? Recite allows you to quickly and easily create a quote image to highlight the content of your choice.


Infogram is an excellent resource for creating highly interactive charts and graph. Do you have some data in your blog post that you would like to visualize? Infogram can take those graphics and help to turn them into a beautiful, interactive graph that changes with certain inputs from the user. Infogram is great for not only improving the content on your page but creating a high quality picture for social media sharing as well.


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